The Book

"Hugely informative and fascinating, this is a book to treasure"

Jenni Last, former student

The College of Sarum St. Michael (formerly Salisbury Diocesan Teacher Training College) closed in 1978. Every year around 400 former students from all over the country return for a reunion to celebrate their college years, their training and the deep friendships that many made. Why do they come? What made their student days so special?

It was at an annual re-union that the request was made for a book about the college to be written. There is such a fascinating and interesting story to tell! From 1841, until the closure, thousands of students were trained in this special place 'under the Cathedral spire'.

What Can You Expect?

'Inspired to Teach' records the history of the college through fascinating first hand evidence. It contains memories, photographs, diary extracts, illustrations and documents, which bring to life the lives of the students through the decades. Through a very strict Victorian regime and times of immense hardship, two World Wars and then the more carefree days that followed, the students studied and worked hard. They also enjoyed life and made friendships that often lasted a lifetime. Their training equipped them to teach with a thorough knowledge and understanding of educational principles, but also with a strong spirit, an optimistic, positive outlook and a sense of quiet confidence.

The book is a perfect 'dipping in' coffee table book to all those interested in education and social and local history. It will be of enormous interest to past students, staff and their families.

"It really is a very fine piece of scholarship and
every picture tells a story"

Bishop John Cavell

The book was launched on 9th April 2015, and you can order your copy today.

B Block Queen's House - 1963
B Block Queen's House - 1963
Buying books at the SPCK - late 1950s
Buying books at the SPCK - late 1950s
Inspired to Teach front cover

Some of the book's highlights include:

  • The Model School
  • The Swinging Sixties
  • The Hardy sisters
  • Channel Island students
  • Wartime years
  • Cathedral and College
  • Clara Grant
  • Students at work and play
  • King's House
  • The Cookery School
And much more...
Price: £25.00
(includes UK P&P)